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iScience Notes

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Journal Detail

iScience Notes is an open access, peer-reviewed online-only interdisciplinary video journal that publish new ideas / concepts / techniques / first results irrespective of their immediate relevance. The journal encourages contributions in the interdisciplinary and emerging fields of science and engineering that are on the horizon. Specifically, the contributions are expected at the interface of (PHYSICS, BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING). The articles published in iScience Notes represent important advances in the field and its applications to the immediate future. As this is an Open Access journal, its impact is article based as opposed to journal impact. The journal is funded via. the author-pay model where the articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license impact. Under this model, the copyright remains with the authors and grants the publisher a license for online-only publication under Creative Common agreement. All the articles are archived in CLOCKSS

Article Types
All the published articles in iScience Notes journal are limited to 2 pages. This includes, a total word count
of approximately 800, 2 figures and 1 research video (for research article only).

Trending Articles
Trending articles are typically written after invitation from any editorial board member of the journal. A limited number of articles may be considered directly and the request should be made to one of the editorial board members for consideration. Trending articles are peer-reviewed and must demonstrate current trend or promising developments in the respective field of research. Trending articles may or may not contain figures, but a representative figure is necessary for posting on the journal website and other portals. These articles are mainly focused on the developments that have taken place in the preceding 3 years.

Research Articles
Research articles are directly submitted to the journal via the Submissions link. These articles should contain 2 figures (which is composed of several sub figures within it) and a Research video. The sub-figures should include a schematic diagram of the study, experimental evidence (e.g plots, histogram, consolidated data, image, graphic etc.) and/or an application idea. The Research video has no specific constraint and authors are free to report their findings / research idea through, PPT, figures, animation or by any other means. The video is however are limited to 60 seconds. This video will be widely circulated through journal website, Youtube and any other means.


The journal is very strict with plagiarism issues. After initial assessment, the authors are required to sign a no-plagiarism cum copyright form. Any authors found within the scope of plagiarism will be barred from submission to the journal. We will use i-Thenticate to detect plagiarism.

Competing Financial Interest

The authors are required to declare competing financial interest (CFI) statement.

Indexing and Archiving

iScience Notes is indexed in Google Scholar.


For citation and other purpose the title can be abbreviated as, iSci. Note.

Note | By submitting the article the author agrees to comply with the rules/regulation/policy changes (related to copyright, conflict-of-interest, distribution etc.) of the journal and their time-to-time modifications.