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iScience Notes

A Science Video Journal


iScience Notes publish articles preferably in the Interdisciplinary Sciences / Applied Sciences / Engineering that are short, very concise and limited to 2 pages. The submitted manuscript may be supported with detailed supplementary information. The central idea of the journal is to provide the readers with a single take-home message. We expect the published papers to demonstrate either a new method or first unreported result or new instrument.

Manuscript Submission Details: The submission can be made in PDF / Word document format. However the following conditions apply: Main text word limit is 800 (excluding the figure caption), figure caption is limited to 50 words and the title word limit is 20. In addition, the figure resolution should be 300 DPI or more, maximum allowed authors are limited to 5 (may be more in exceptional circumstances), 3-5 keywords, references should be limited to 10, and the supplementary material may be limited to a maximum of 5 pages (for review purpose only). Research video (with a frame rate of 30 frames/ sec.) is limited to 60 seconds and with a memory size of less than 3 MB). It is important that the research video feature at least the corresponding author, the experimental setup, brief explanation of the mechanism reported in the submitted article and may be a real video of raw data (if applicable). Furthermore, we encourage animation to demonstrate the principle/technique reported in the manuscript.

Manuscript Submission Process:

  1. Upload your Article and / or 60 sec. research video to your Google Drive /One Drive /Others along with the manuscript.
  2. Send us the Share Link via email to: ,
  3. You will be notified (within 2 working days) once the data is retrieved from your drive. In the event of downloading issues, you will be contacted.

The journal aims at extremely rapid publication of the most important advances in the relevant field. The criterion for acceptance is the quality of research demonstrated through the manuscript and the research video. The concerned editorial board member handling the manuscript makes decision independently. The editors often looks for the following features in order for it to be accepted:

  1. For the first time results (irrespective of its immediate relevance).
  2. A single take-home message.
  3. New unknown applications among others.

The handling Editor makes a decision whether to go for further review or return the submission based on broadly the above criterion. The decision of handling Editor is final in all respect and further requests will not be entertained. The journal will occasionally publish invited articles that will focus on the next generation technologies or new scientific ideas on the horizon. These articles are mostly speculative in nature but fall within the realm of existing Science and Technology.

Note: Detailed information (about Authors Affiliations and others) are required after the manuscript is deemed suitable for review.

Note: In case a suitable handling editor is not identified within 1 week, the paper will be returned to the Authors stating lack of specific subject editor. This will save time for the Author to seek publication elsewhere.